To Anchor Management,

Our nurse was very conscientious and willing to do extra things to help me.  She was always concerned about my well-being and made me feel very comfortable during my rehab.

Bernard N.


"During our second visit to Stuart, Florida my mother and I were very fortunate to have had the pleasure of a nurse taking care of my mother.  She was kind, gentle and caring."

Sue Z.


"I wish to thank you and Anchor Home Health Services for the excellent physical therapy I have received after my recent Hip Replacement and Arthroscopy surgery on my left knee.

Irene is a First Class Therapist.  I would consider her one of the finest Therapists I have ever met, and my present good physical condition is in large part due to her exceptional talent."

With renewed thanks and best wishes,

Reverend Thomas


"John and I would like to thank you for the good care John was given...

...They were just great and he is doing so well now.  He is driving out just about everyday.  Thanks again to a great group."

John & Evelyn H.


"Anchor Home Health has been by far the most responsive, professional, skilled and compassionate agency.  Your nurses and aides plus community relations and office workers unhesitatingly provide the support my husband needs.  They also provide the support that I need as a caregiver who must continue to work outside of the home.

I cannot tell you how important your support is for families dealing with long-term health challenges.  There are many worries and much stress living in this challenging situation.  But my husband's care in your hands is something I know I can depend upon, which brings great peace of mind.

Please thank everyone in your employ and tell them that they play an invaluable role in the lives of families who truly need your unfailing support and care.

Choosing Anchor Home Health Services is the best decision my family has ever made!

Bonnie R.


"I had a total knee replacement...and referred to your home service.  I would have never made the progress I did without the encouragement they gave me.   I am about to go north for the summer and I feel that the progress I have made has given me a wonderful start to achieve my goal of returning to the tennis court when we return to FL next fall.  Your service is the most efficient I have seen and everyone involved was friendly and willing to help in any way they could."

Ellen M.


"This is the best home health service.  When you call the office to ask a question they are right on top of everything.  I would rate Anchor a 10.  Excellent in everything."

Jamie R.


Specialty Programs 


VitalStim Therapy is the only electrical stimulation treatment for dysphagia approved by the FDA. A speech therapist attaches small electrode pads in strategic locations along the patient’s neck determined from the results of a Barium Swallow Test. The therapist then directs the patient through a variety of exercises, such as, “swallow hard” or “swallow fast.” The electrical stimulation from the VitalStim machine triggers the throat muscles to perform the tasks. Most sessions last about one hour, three to five times a week. Studies have shown measurable results in 98 percent of patients. In fact, 97.5 percent of PEG tube-dependent patients studied were able to have their feeding tubes removed, compared with only 39 percent who were treated with traditional thermal therapy.

Viterion Telehealth care

Telehealth care enables us to monitor, evaluate and educate acutely and chronically ill patients between regularly scheduled nurse visits.  Clinical information is monitored by nurses 7 days a week while the patient stays where they belong, at home.  This technology is ideal for CHF, COPD, hypertension and monitoring patients with other complex diagnosis.  Because our nurses receive daily information on the patient, we are able to provide timely intervention when needed.

Improving Patient Care Outcome

  • Reduces ER visits
  • Reduces Hospital Re-admissions
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Enhances Patient Compliance
  • Reduces the Frequency of Office visits and Telephone calls
  • Increase Communications and Peace of Mind.

Anodyne Therapy

Anodyne Therapy is a non-invasive infrared technology that augments traditional physical and occupational therapy to temporarily increase circulation, reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm in affected areas of the body. Anchor uses Anodyne Therapy in conjunction with a physical therapy Balance Program. During a therapy session, pads are attached to the area of the body where the patient is experiencing pain. Once engaged, the pads emit heat from infrared light, which penetrates the underlying muscles. The pads can be placed on any part of the body, including the spine and over metal implants, pins, screws, pacemakers and defibrillators.

Bladder Scanner

Also known as a Bladder Ultrasound, this service offers a non-invasive alternative to intermittent catheterization for assessing bladder volume and other bladder conditions to determine the amount of a patient’s urine retention or post-void residual urine. By scanning the bladder from the outside, the patient avoids the risk of urinary tract infections and the overall discomfort wearing a catheter.

Lymphadema Therapy

Lymphadema is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Besides the discomfort of the swelling, the affected tissue also stands a high risk of infection. Anchor uses a physiotherapy system of lymphatic massage, skin care and compressive garments, in conjunction with the patient’s regular wound care, to release the fluid and tension from the affected area.

KCI V.A.C. ® Wound System

Every Anchor nurse is certified to use this specialized wound care machine. V.A.C.®  Therapy is a system that uses controlled negative pressure (vacuum) to help promote wound healing.  This system helps to uniformly draw wounds closed while removing fluid and infectious material. It also provides a closed, moist healing environment and increases localized blood supply.